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Looking for more ways to find great military candidates for your open positions? Try the Resume Engine to search thousands of resumes from those in the military community who are actively looking for a civilian career.


The mission of the Resume Engine & Career Spark project is to empower soldiers, spouses, and their family members with the very best tools available to create an excellent resume quickly and to directly connect those resumes with industry-leading employers.


This Resume Portal is a collaboration between Toyota and the US Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes Foundation, with its technology powered by FASTPORT. The resume tools provided are best described as:

  • The Resume Engine: Designed to help veterans translate their experiences into a highly-marketable civilian resume.

  • Career Spark: Specifically created with spouses in mind, to highlight their unique qualifications to civilian employers.

  • Employer Search Tools: Crafted to help employers efficiently find qualified talent to meet their hiring needs.

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